Probe Accuracy

As there is no reference instrument for directly assessing the probe’s accuracy, the precision has been estimated after numerous flights and various tests.

Calibration performance in wind tunnel :

Speed accuracy < 3 %
Speed fidelity < 0.03 m/s
Angle accuracy < 0.1 degree
Angle fidelity < 0.05 degree

Typical flight performance :

Speed accuracy < 3 %
Speed fidelity < 0.1 m/s
Angle accuracy < 0.3 degree
Angle fidelity < 0.1 degree

The plot above shows the measurements of two identical flights, each measured by two probes.



Quentin Aubourg, Ph.D

The Vector probe is developed during my spare time in the middle of the French Alps, in the Maurienne valley.

This is a project that is detached from my main job as a test engineer in the ONERA wind tunnels of Modane-Avrieux.

It is a semi-professional project that aims to provide an affordable solution to measure the performance of paragliders with an unprecedented accuracy and ease of use.
Initially intended for manufacturers, the probe can also be used for the press or to optimize a flight configuration in the context of competition.